Work Place Bullies

Work place Bullies


I have worked at different companies and the one thing I know for a fact is that the people you work with all have their own particular personality. They have their peculiar ways of doing things, strengths and weakness. Good habits such as carrying a snack for their co-worker, or bad habits such as not being a team player. Therefore it’s very important to try and understand your boss, your co-worker or the person that you supervise. You should always try to work with them to overcome any obstacles and ensure that your work environment remains productive, peaceful and friendly. The best places to work are those where you feel comfortable. A place where working is something you enjoy, even a place where you would still work even if you could find something better.

The question is what do you do when you find such a place and there is someone there who is a bully? You know that boss or co-worker with the hair-trigger temper? The person who feels it is ok to tell an embarrassing joke at your expense; yet they take offense to the slightest joke. Being armed with a little awareness and some experience I have now learned a little about how to deal with work place bullies.

Identifying work place bullies

The first thing to do is to identify that the person you are dealing with is in fact a bully.They are not just having a bad day or overacting to a particular event. No, this person is just a total…. you get the picture. Their behavior is consistently intolerable. They are the type of person who as they walk into the room your blood pressure goes up. You try to do your best but they always criticize your best efforts and take the praise for themselves.  They are always trying to undermine you or spread some gossip aimed at elevating themselves and degrading others. They explode with little or no provocation. When it is all over there is no apology. They don’t learn from their mistakes so that the episode is never repeated. They rule the workplace through manipulation and intimidation whether financial and or emotional.

Effect on the Work place

If your company has a high staff turnover, persons reporting sick often, persons being forced to use formal channels of communication to resolve the slightest problems. Chances are you have a workplace bully in your midst. What is interesting is that I read somewhere that 40 % of work place bullies are females who use emotional abuse and manipulation as their main tactic against their victims 70% of whom are female.

Dealing with work place bullies

Work place bullies are just like school yard bullies. Once identified a plan of action must be formulated. There is no calling of their parents. The best way to deal with a work place bully is to study their patterns of behavior. Then document everything, day, date, time, place of occurrence, and nature of the offence. Never allow the bully to isolate you from your co-workers.  Confront the bully and let her know that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Always make certain that you are armed with the documented facts and witnesses to back up your allegation.

 The ugly truth

Remember that work place bullies are often the types of persons who are jealous, passive/aggressive or intimidated by others achievements. They often feel the need to undermine others and take credit for their work. Bullies feel a sense of inadequacy. Their behavior is used to hide the fact that they are incompetent and unable to manage the demands of the job.

It is a sad fact but being a bully is the only way bosses who cannot lead, co-workers who cannot match up to their peers and the demands of the jobs survive. Being a bully is the only way they can stay in control and advance their personal agenda.

It is up to you to reveal the truth; by doing this you will set yourself and you co-workers free. So start today by getting rid of that bully so that you can have a harmonious, productive, rewarding and friendly work environment that you deserve.

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