But, I’m married….

                                            But…I’m married…..

I know I was there when we said I do. I caught him staring at me out the corner of my eye. He was beautiful, his skin was smooth, his lips looked full and his smile was brilliant. But…..I’m married. For what seemed like an eternity the scene unfolded like this…

Hi my name is Blake he says, and even though I usually never give my name to strangers my inner voice betrayed me and blurted my name. I said Hi, and we both laugh thinking we’re no longer strangers. His smile is mesmerizing, Lord, help me find the strength. I am married. We watch each other with a purpose; the silence was comfortable and relaxing. He asked me would I like to get some coffee, I smiled and said yes.

We shared many grins, laughs, and stares so after a few hours and a few refills we both felt the urge to go somewhere quiet. But neither one of us made the first move instead our gaze went down to our ring finger…….

Author: Angelina’s Therapy
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