Hello Again….

Hello again…Remember when I said you had me at Hello? Well, it’s been months and the Hello has faded. Then as if you channeled my thoughts I heard from you again, just a hello but it was your voice. All the things that needed to be said weren’t but there was not an empty moment or any silence to be broken. We decided to listen to each other breathe…At that moment we knew what the other needed without asking, just giving as friends do. 

No promises were made, our friendship revalidated and a healing silence took over again.
If I give you what you want will you give me what I need? This is not about commitment it is two souls speaking to each other. The night will come when my head will lay neatly in the crook of your arm and forgive me if I smile. While I allow you to brush away a tear of joy!

Angelina’s Therapy
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