Mothers and Daughters
From the time a Mother realizes she is carrying the most precious gift in the world it could all be so overwhelming. Although you are going to be the most constant person in her life the world has to know that the emotions you now feel take on a life of its own.  A birth Mother now has so many responsibilities that it is no wonder they lose themselves. Not every Mother experiences parental love at the same pace or depth as any other Mother. The fairy tale is that you meet a man you marry him you have a baby and you both pour every bit of love you can muster into that being that you both have created. Then there is reality, not everything perfect will always happen.
Open wounds are serious and no one knows how deep the cuts can go. Just when you think the wounds have healed a fresh cut in the same spot starts the bleeding again. Sometimes Mothers can see Daughters as a reflection of themselves losing sight that they are their own person. It is okay to let go and let your Daughters live. How can a Mother and Daughter relationship start over when there are so many unspoken words? For those outsiders looking in you may say leave the past in the past and move forward. No one can put a time limit on when you should put the past in the past; there are those that it is hard for them to move on.

Everyone has their own feelings and deal with matters in their own time. Today, I’m going to empower myself and exhale to clear my head. Every day is a new day. 

Angelina’s Therapy 

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