You had me at Hello….

                           “You had me at Hello”

I often think about the way you look at me, your eyes speak sensually to my soul. Your touch is warm and sends messages of mass destruction through my body. Is what I’m feeling my imagination? Do you feel what I am feeling, can you see through me? My eyes and heart speak volumes that I want you to hear loudly. I know, believe me I know you are confused and rightfully so but we are already friends and will remain no matter what the outcome of our bond.

I believe it is possible to love someone who is not your soul mate; the energy is different but love all the same. When you love one and feel deeply for another it’s a natural feeling. Emotions are like a fire burning inside and can not smother.
This is not a head game, I feel our hearts beating in unison and it is a simple pleasure.
Angelina’s Therapy 
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