Getting back on the right path…. A short story…

                      Getting back on the right path….

Kima and RaShaun have been high school sweethearts; they had a bond that could not be wavered. Kima was now in her third year of Law school and RaShaun had completed his four years of medical school and was two years into his three year residency training. They had both made a pledge to complete their career training and settle into their respective careers before they would consider or discuss starting a family. They both loved and respected each other and had been through many trials and tribulations that only made them and their love for each other stronger.

RaShaun’s schedule was beginning to be very hectic and demanding to say the least. Although Kima is in Law school she also worked a paid internship as a paralegal to a criminal district attorney. With less quality time with RaShaun, Kima was beginning to become restless…..

It is normal to want more out of a relationship? Who said you both were going to feel this way at the same time? Kima had recently reunited with some girlfriends from high school who all had jobs but had not accomplished the same things she had. They chose different paths, no one feeling better or above the other. They genuinely missed the sister love they shared years ago when they were younger.

Some people don’t understand when one moves outcomes around without knowing they’ve done so. Kima and RaShaun grew together, their inner souls connected to a point that was not understood by the outside world.

Kima listened to the rhetoric between her friends; they spoke about their many different relationships and even their lack of a relationship. After listening to her friends explain their day to day struggles with finding a good man she decided to have an uninterrupted heart to heart with RaShaun. They both had been through so much that they owed to each other the chance to talk and try to work on whatever the problem was.

RaShaun and Kima had gotten lost in work and striving to succeed that they began to lose each other.

Moral: Never give up on what you love….

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