Are you looking for "Happy" too?

                                How do you find happiness?
Happiness can be hard to find no matter what age, martial statues, income, or race. I really think you have to start with a clean slate from the beginning. To be a happy adult I think the child in you needed to be happy. Let’s talk about what exactly does that mean.
Finding happiness begins with self, and your happiness should come first when at all possible. You can’t honestly find happiness in a bottle, liquid or pill form, contrary to what one might think.
As an adult I have learned that sometimes happiness won’t be achieved. I needed to search deep within and learn to pick my battles because happiness can be delayed.
Most therapists connect childhood deprivation as the root of which this so-called unhappiness begins which is very fitting and goes with letting the past go. Of course, this is still and probably will always be a work in progress.                             
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One Response to Are you looking for "Happy" too?

  1. Couldnt have thought of this any better. I love the way that you made awareness to the fact that a bottle, liquid and pill forms can not subtitute for any happiness, and that you, yourself have to find the happiness, because it sure isnt going to fall in your lap. Great session!!

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